Why Choose a Trustee For Advice?

Why Choose a Licensed Insolvency Trustee For Advice? There are many companies in Canada who claim they can help you reduced your debt.  Whether they are profit driven or not-for-profit organizations they each charge service fees to help you negotiate a repayment plan or settlement agreement with your creditors.   Some have contractual agreements with creditors … Continue reading “Why Choose a Trustee For Advice?”

10 Warning Signs of Financial Hardship

10 Warning Signs of Financial Hardship Sometimes it’s not always obvious that you’re heading towards financial difficulties until it’s too late. If any of the following warning signs describe your situation then it’s time to seek help from a licensed professional. Relying on credit for everyday expenses like gas and groceries Falling behind on utility … Continue reading “10 Warning Signs of Financial Hardship”

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5 Myths About Bankruptcy

5 Myths About Bankruptcy Filing for personal bankruptcy can be a very stressful event due to the stigma and misinformation that surrounds this topic.   Bankruptcy is often thought of as something that happens to irresponsible people or those who cannot properly manage their financial affairs.  In many instances, this couldn’t be further from the truth.  … Continue reading “5 Myths About Bankruptcy”