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The New Debtor Prison

These tactics can leave a person feeling afraid to answer their own phone and for some it can cause undue stress and anxiety which can negatively affect their everyday life and ability to function at work.

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Guaranteed, Co-Signed and Joint Loans

Generally, the co-signor is usually jointly and severally liable for 100% of the debt.  This means that, if there is a default, the lender will pursue the primary debtor and the co-signer at the same time and will be happy to collect their entire debt out of whomever they can recover from first.

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Advantages of Filing a Consumer Proposal vs. a Bankruptcy
Understanding Consumer Proposals

A consumer proposal is a settlement arrangement with your unsecured creditors to pay a portion of your debt in monthly payment over a period of up to 5 years.  These payments are the full and final settlement of your debts with these creditors.

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