Corporate Debt Solutions

Managing corporate insolvency can be highly time sensitive. There are often many stakeholders who will be impacted and who will have influence over the insolvency proceedings including secured and unsecured creditors, owners, guarantors, employees, suppliers, customers, landlords and others. Often there are competing interests with the most significant one being secured creditors seeking to seize and realize on their collateral pitted against a business trying to remain viable.

Experience is key to understanding the various stakeholders’ interests and charting a path through a restructuring or liquidation. Powell Associates Ltd. has that experience.

Liquidation can be managed through a Corporate Bankruptcy, Corporate Proposal, Receivership or a combination of proceedings. Restructuring is typically managed through a Corporate Proposal but can also be managed though a proceeding under the Companies’ Creditors Arrangements Act (the “CCAA”).  GOOD TO KNOW - If you have been served with a 10-day Notice of Intention to Enforce Security act immediately to consult a Licensed Insolvency Trustee. Letting the 10-day period expire will result in giving-up the ability to seek creditor protection from the issuing creditor.

We Can Help

Contact our experienced Licensed Insolvency Trustees to arrange an initial consultation to assess your company’s problems and to explore the available alternatives as they relate to your company, you and your personal liability.

If the matter is very time sensitive, please call one of our Trustees directly (see About Us page for contact info). Voicemail's are sent to the Trustees by email.