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keith leblanc Avatar
keith leblanc
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What can I say except that my experience with Powell was excellent. Dealing with credit issues is never easy however with Angela`s help and some counselling (and lots of sacrifice... read more
rob wood Avatar
rob wood
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They're VERY helpful at what is likely a time when you'll need help the most. No judgement just straight forward. They give guidance at a time when you'll feel lost... read more
Samantha Totten Avatar
Samantha Totten
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I highly recommend Powell Associates to anyone that feels like their stuck and no one can help! I was nervous too and I’m glad I made the jump. They treated... read more
James Smith Avatar
James Smith
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Extremely helpful and always prompt customer service. With their help, I was able to set my family's finances back on track and stop the cycle of ever increasing interest debt.
william jordan Avatar
william jordan
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I cannot find the right words to express my gratitude and satisfaction from Cheryl Hodder Powell & Associates Dartmouth NS . I use to spend everyday stressed out to the... read more
Doug Illingworth Avatar
Doug Illingworth
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I was looking for a path out of my debt. I was given advice to help me to achieve my goals. I was not able to use the service... read more
Brooklyn Chases Rainbows Avatar
Brooklyn Chases Rainbows
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Powell Associates Ltd is AMAZING!! From the minute I called them, I received non-judgmental support and understanding. Cheryl worked with me to come up with a solution to my debt... read more
Tricia Reed Avatar
Tricia Reed
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Alleviated my overwhelming debt to a place I can manage. Tools given to assist in credit and savings building. Recommended!
Kathleen Porter Avatar
Kathleen Porter
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After many life and medical issues, I wasn't sure if I could be helped or if bankruptcy was even an option. Fear of getting some stuffy business person judging my... read more
I was in financial distress when I decided to reach out to Powell & Associates. I was surprised at how quick my situation turned around with their help! Bob was... read more
Tasha Pretty Avatar
Tasha Pretty
- Google
Very good experience
Lina Netznik Avatar
Lina Netznik
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I loved dealing with Powell Associates. They were amazing right from the beginning in letting me know exactly how the process works. They have amazing communication and really know how... read more
Clara Morash Avatar
Clara Morash
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The people that I have dealt with are the most nicest and understanding people I had talked to in such a long time. They understand what you are going through... read more
Derek Stein Avatar
Derek Stein
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Very knowledgeable staff. Helpful, professional and deliberate.
Duane Clark Avatar
Duane Clark
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Phenomenal contact with the trustees. They were so easy to get a hold of when needed. Upon completion my credit score went up 70 points. They lay things out with... read more
Jason Fraser Avatar
Jason Fraser
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I can't say enough good things about Powell Associates Ltd. and in particular, Nabeela. She helped me on countless occasions whether it be understanding different terms and processes or by... read more
Chris Munro Avatar
Chris Munro
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One of the best decisions you’ll ever make choosing Powell, I was very nervous about the whole process but they were extremely kind and helpful. They will go to bat... read more
Judy Feltus Avatar
Judy Feltus
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Powell Associates Ltd made the process stress free and pain free. Very understanding and flexible in setting goals to ensure you don't fail in the process. I am... read more
Matthew Woodall Avatar
Matthew Woodall
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While I hope nobody ever ends up in the position of needing their services, if you need a bankruptcy or consumer proposal then you need to talk to Powell Associates.... read more
Danny Thompson Avatar
Danny Thompson
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Powell Associates LTD. have made this process of filing bankruptcy make sense. They have alleviated my stress and are more than kind and helpful. They added a human touch that... read more
Kory Getchell Avatar
Kory Getchell
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Very great people and great to work with!! 🙌
Christopher Jensen Avatar
Christopher Jensen
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During a very difficult time with tough decisions to be made, my counselor at Powell associates walk me through it. The staff was well educated in the process and helped... read more
Amanda McCann Avatar
Amanda McCann
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Due to many tiered issues; the decision was made to look into debt solutions. By another firm in September, I was told bankruptcy was the only option(cut and draw). That... read more
Megan Dixon Avatar
Megan Dixon
- Google
Never thought I needed the help however I do and they have been fantastic
Amanda K Avatar
Amanda K
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Great service, I wish I would have called sooner. Process was explained and it relieved a lot of stress knowing that there was hope for my situation. My only regret... read more
I was really struggling to make ends meet. My debt was beyond anything I could realistically pay back. Never making it to the next paycheck. I was constantly late on... read more
Kathleen Thompson Avatar
Kathleen Thompson
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Very professional and understanding people, they have helped me out of a very scary financial situation, and also provided a lot of wonderful information about financial well-being. The trainer was... read more
My financial situation nosedived dramatically following the Fall 2008 world financial crisis. Prior to that the valuation of my investments outweighed any debtload that I was carrying. In an attempt... read more
Ronald Meunier Avatar
Ronald Meunier
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just wanted to say thank you for all the work that you guys have done helping me get back in track and helping me realize how easy it is to... read more
Michelle Barrett Avatar
Michelle Barrett
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Huge burden lifted with my consumer proposal! Understanding and kind experience, zero pressure!