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Licensed Pros Provide Options for Student Loan Debt

By consulting a Licensed Insolvency Trustee (“LIT”), you can receive advice about all of your student loan repayment options, not only the options offered by the National Student Loan Service Centre or your financial institution.

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What Happens To Life Insurance When I Declare Bankruptcy?

In evaluating your assets in a bankruptcy situation the Licensed Insolvency Trustee is determining if there is any equity or value in the asset that is potentially available to your creditors, subject to any exemptions under Provincial or Federal legislation for that type of asset.

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The End of a Business – Corporate Bankruptcy in Canada

Canadian Companies can face Corporate bankruptcy either voluntarily or involuntarily. Corporate bankruptcy will be the End of the Company’s Existence. Good to know! In exceptional circumstances, a bankrupt company could make a proposal in order to exit bankruptcy. Creditor approval is required for this to occur.

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