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The New Debtor Prison

These tactics can leave a person feeling afraid to answer their own phone and for some it can cause undue stress and anxiety which can negatively affect their everyday life and ability to function at work.

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Financial Warning Signs

Most of us can sense impending financial trouble but we tend to shy away from seeking professional help out of embarrassment or fear of being judged.   Licenced Insolvency Trustees and debt counsellors are there to help and should be able to provide you with financial counselling in a non-judgmental and professional manner.   The information they provide should help you better understand your financial situation and the options and resources that are in place to assist you.  This will allow you to make the best possible decision to resolve your financial concerns.

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10 Warning Signs of Financial Hardship

Most people don’t want others to know about their finances so they avoid reaching out for help out of embarrassment and fear.  However when they finally build up the courage to make that call or send that email,  they usually feel a great sense of relief and are surprised to find out that it’s not nearly as bad as they had imagined; there are solutions.

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