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Our Services

  • Bankruptcy

    If you are considering bankruptcy in Saint John we can help! Our team of Licensed Insolvency Trustees and Debt Solutions advisors have a tremendous amount of experience helping consumers understand if bankruptcy is right for them. 

  • Consumer Proposals

    One of the most effective ways to deal with debt, a consumer proposal can help you get ahead of your debt and live the life you always wanted. Consumer proposals allow you to pay back a portion of your debts over time with no interest charges.

  • Debt Consolidation

    Debt Consolidation is the process of taking many debt payments and converting them into a single, more affordable, monthly payment. There are many forms of debt consolidation available to consumers. Our team of debt experts will help you understand them all.

  • Credit Counselling

    With credit counselling we provide education around proper money and credit management. This will include education on budgeting, managing credit, as well as goal setting in the future.

Consumer Proposals in Saint John, New Brunswick

A consumer proposal is a debt relief solution legislated by the federal government. A consumer proposal allows you to consolidate your debt or settle your debt for less than you owe and with no interest charges.

Here are the top 10 benefits of a consumer proposal.

  1. write-off part of your debts

  2. stop collection calls

  3. stop a wage garnishment

  4. unfreeze your bank account

  5. legally binding on all unsecured creditors

  6. deals with CRA and payday loan companies

  7. you keep your assets including your tax refund

  8. reduce your monthly payment to something that is affordable

  9. no interest on monthly payments

  10. avoid bankruptcy

We work with you to craft an offer you can afford.

The cost of a consumer proposal is known upfront. What you pay is exactly, and only, what payment you negotiate with your creditors at the beginning of the consumer proposal process. Once you complete your payments and the terms of your proposal, your debts are eliminated.

A consumer proposal can only be filed with a Licensed Insolvency Trustee like Powell Associates Ltd. Learn how to file a consumer proposal or contact our Saint John team today to talk about how a consumer proposal can help you get out of debt and avoid bankruptcy.

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Debt Consolidation vs Consumer Proposal

If you have significant credit card debt, tax debts or other unsecured debts, you may be wondering if a debt consolidation loan, home equity loan or second mortgage are a good option to consolidate your debts.

An unsecured consolidation loan can be difficult to get if your credit score already reflects poor or too much credit. Even if you have equity in your home, it can be difficult to qualify for a home equity loan or second mortgage and the costs and interest rate can be significant.

Our Saint John debt professionals can help you review your debt restructuring options and compare the pros and cons of a new loan or second mortgage with making a formal, debt settlement offer to your creditors through a consumer proposal.

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Filing Personal Bankruptcy in Saint John

Personal bankruptcy should be a last resort, but sometimes it is the right solution to help you get out of debt. Our Saint John licensed insolvency trustee can help you decide if filing bankruptcy is the best option to eliminate your debt.

No matter how serious the debt problem, remember there are debt relief options. At Powell Associates Ltd. you always talk to an expert. Consultations are free and we offer flexible appointment times.

Call our Saint John office at 506-638-9270 or email us today.

A bankruptcy and consumer proposal can only be filed through a Licensed Insolvency Trustee. We are licensed by the federal government to help you deal with debt.

Ask us about your bankruptcy options

Debt problems don’t go away on their own. If you cannot afford to repay your debts on your own, as Licensed Insolvency Trustees we help you explore all your options and choose the solution that is best for you.

Break Free From Credit Card Debt

If you are only making minimum payments on your credit cards it will take you years to pay off your balances, if at all. We can help you consolidate your payments or make a settlement offer that can lower your credit card balances. Your credit cards are rolled into one reduced monthly payment.

This is not a new loan, it’s a government-approved interest-free debt settlement plan payable over up to five years. Sometimes these are incorrectly referred to as a government debt relief program.

Stop the Payday Loan Cycle

Payday loans cause financial stress because the interest accumulates faster than you can pay it off. Over time this eats away at your paycheque. Once you fall behind, payday lenders use aggressive collection tactics like calling your employer and garnishing your wages.

We can include payday loans in your program and help you break the payday loan cycle.

Get Tax Debt Relief

Only a Licensed Insolvency Trustee has the options that can help you reduce your tax debt liability. Tax debts are included in your debt settlement program with other debts and the penalties and interest will stop. If CRA has frozen your bank account or garnished your wages, we can reverse those actions.

Student Loan Debt Forgiveness

Looking for help resolving student loan debt? If you have been out of school for 7 years, your government student loan debt can be discharged through a bankruptcy or consumer proposal.

Eliminate High-Interest Installment Loans

You may have tried to consolidate or pay bills by taking out a high-cost financing loan. While these types of bad credit debt consolidation loans can help you deal with the immediate demand for repayment, they come with an interest rate of 39%, 49% and even 59%.  Installment loans meant for those already in debt or with poor credit just postpone, rather than solve the problem.

Unsecured loans, whether owed to a bank, credit union or financing company can be eliminated with payments determined based on what you can afford.

Why Talk with a Licensed Insolvency Trustee?

If, like many of our clients, you are struggling with debt, it is time to break the debt cycle by working with a Licensed Insolvency Trustee near you. We are licensed by the Government of Canada to help you with your debts. Learn what is a Licensed Insolvency Trustee.

We will not only cover the options listed on this page during your free review but also options such as debt consolidation loans as well as debt management plans.

We can help you break free from debt with practical debt solutions.

If you would like help becoming debt free, call our Saint John team today at 506-638-9270.