Why Would My Trustee Oppose My Bankruptcy Discharge

Why Would My Trustee Oppose My Bankruptcy Discharge

Why Would My Trustee Oppose My Bankruptcy Discharge

First-time bankrupts with no surplus income requirement will automatically receive a discharge after 9 months or after 21 months if they have surplus income.

Second-time bankrupts will receive an automatic discharge after 24 months, or 36 months if they have surplus income;

Unless they have not:

  • Completed the 2 mandatory counselling sessions

  • Made all agreed upon payments, including voluntary, surplus income, and equity payments.

  • Filed all income tax, payroll, and HST returns related to the period(s) prior to the date of bankruptcy.

  • Provided the Trustee with the information necessary to complete the pre & post-bankruptcy income tax returns.

  • Filed the required monthly income and expense reports together with supporting documentation.

  • Provided additional information or explanations as required by the Trustee to complete the administration of the bankruptcy.

  • Fully comply with the duties of a bankrupt.

The Trustee will automatically oppose the discharge of an individual filing for a 3rd or more bankruptcy.  When there is a Trustee opposed discharge, the bankrupt person will be required to attend a Court hearing where additional requirements/conditions may be imposed.

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