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Personal Debt Solutions

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If you have debt that is unmanageable and you can’t reasonably pay it back, there are solutions. Sometimes, lacking basic money management skills paired with easy access to credit can quickly lead to an unmanageable situation.


Some common circumstances that could lead to having unmanageable debt include loss of income, low income or lack of steady income, separation or divorce, illness and high medical expenses, unexpected vehicle or housing expenses or business failure.

Explore Your Options

Powell Associates Ltd. is a Licensed Insolvency Trustee. That means that we are licensed and regulated by the federal government to help individuals understand the practical options they have for resolving unmanageable debt.

We have extensive training and experience to quickly assess your individual situation, explain the options and confidently answer your questions.

While a consumer proposal or personal bankruptcy are often the most efficient and effective options to resolve unmanageable debt, they are not the only options.

The Powell Commitment

  1. We will not pressure you to file anything … it’s your choice when and if to file. During the initial consultation, we are usually able to understand the basics of your situation and outline practical options. Dealing with debt is a serious matter and it is important to us that you fully understand your options before you do anything.
  2. Powell will not charge you any fees for a consultation which we can do in person or over the phone - it’s your choice. In fact, for the vast majority of our consumer files, no payments whatsoever are made until after you have been fully educated on practical options, have chosen a path and actually filed.
  3. We will explain all practical options with you and make sure you understand the pros and cons of any non-legislated processes that you may be considering.

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Good to know! All Powell Licensed Insolvency Trustees are members of the Canadian Association of Insolvency and Restructuring Practitioners (CAIRP), a professional body providing additional education, professional standards and disciplinary processes for its members.