The Cost of Credit Card Debt


The Cost of Credit Card Debt According to the Canadian Bankers Association, as of October 31, 2013, there were 76.3 million Visa & MasterCard in circulation.  That means the average Canadian consumer has 2 of these products and that does not even include all of the retail and other credit card products.   Of the cards in circulation, 30.2 million carry a balance each month.

The statistics show that 70% of consumers pay their balance in full each month and pay no interest; but what about the other 30% of consumers who carry a balance?  How much interest are they paying each month and how long will it take them to pay off their credit card debt?

Most credit cards require that you make a minimum monthly payment equal to 3% of your outstanding balance.  Using the average credit card balance of $3,630 your monthly payments would be $109.  If you stopped using the card today and made only the minimum payment each month it would take you 18 years to pay it off and cost you $3828 in interest – WOW!  Now just imagine what it would cost a person who has several credit cards.

If you are struggling to keep up with credit card debt and don’t see your balances decreasing this is a sign to seek professional help.  A Licensed Insolvency Trustee (LIT) can review your financial situation and help you find the best strategy to deal with your credit card debt.

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